September 6, 2016

Episode 47: Tim Kaminski (Video Game Artist)

Kaleb and Scott interview Tim Kaminski, Artist of Random Spirits. Tim is a Video Game Art Director, and very big gamer. Give him some support on his youtube channel and social media listed below! www.timkaminski.com www.twitch.tv/randomspirits https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJJEyB6Wn1X-y1Z29olO79Q https://www.patreon.com/randomspirits
August 20, 2016

Episode 46: No Man’s Sky

Kaleb and Chris discuss the most hyped game of the year, No Man’s Sky by Hello Games. They discuss how much hype the game had, whether that ruined the game, what was promised in the trailers, and what the game was and could have been. If you are thinking about purchasing this game, give this podcast a listen first. If you have a difference of opinion on this game, feel free to send us an email sharing your point of view to gamingataglance@gmail.com.
July 28, 2016

Episode 45: Pokemon Go and other games that come out this year!

Kaleb, Scott, and Chris all discuss what they like and hate about Pokemon Go. Scott is not a big fan, Chris is still new to the game, and Kaleb fully endorses the game. The guys then talk about what games they have been playing, and other games coming out later in the year. They talk about No Man’s Sky, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Fallout New Vegas, The Last of Us, Doom, and many more!
June 23, 2016

Mafia 3: The Winner of E3

Many games impressed me during my experience at the E3 convention, but none surpassed the overwhelming amount of hype of Mafia 3 by Hanger 13 Production and 2K. The presentation of the booth represented an entire street of New Bordeaux (Mafia 3’s setting based of New Orleans), and the presentation took place in the movie theater. Flashing lights aside, the presentation itself was my favorite of E3, showing off the gripping story and tight gameplay of Mafia 3 and displaying what happens when a company spends years perfecting a game. Hanger 13 gave a synopsis of the plot and the culture behind the city we will be spending our time in throughout the entirety of Mafia 3. The story follows Lincoln Clay, a mafia member who is betrayed by his organization and decides to start his own family in order to take over the city. It is a tale of revenge and one that is enacted with no regard to subtlety, Clay decides that everyone must submit to his family or pay the consequences with their blood. The story also takes many twisting paths through the decisions made by the player: Clay selects a group of sub-bosses to help him keep control of the city/districts taken over and to allow for specific perks to be acquired throughout the game. The only catch to having the help of these sub-bosses is that every time you take over a district you must select a boss of your choosing to be in charge; however, this may anger the other bosses and change your relationship with them throughout the game. The synopsis of the plot given by Hanger 13 Productions gripped me, and makes me excited to experience the life of Lincoln Clay. The gameplay of Mafia 3 was the focal point of the presentation and many different sides of the game were shown off in the presentation. The first piece shown was the combat mechanics; the guns look powerful, the cover system looks smooth, and the transitions between different aspects of combat are smooth. A great deal of attention was also given to the AI and special effects. Molotov cocktails were the primary special weapons shown off and naturally this meant that there was a lot of fire throughout the gameplay demo. Enemies react to being on fire with pure terror, and their reactions felt genuine throughout the entire combat sequence. This is a true crime drama story, and therefore Hanger 13 made sure to show off the sit downs in which you select the boss who will control each territory as you gain control. The emotion throughout these sit downs felt real, and the bosses truly make you consider which one you will choose through coaxing, not just perks given by these decisions. Mafia 3 was truly my game of E3 and I will say this game is a must buy for any gamer who enjoys a good crime story. The game releases October 7th, 2016 and I am sure many of us will spend countless hours playing Mafia 3 for the foreseeable future after that date. This is a must buy game, and it was a bar setter for the entire E3 convention.
June 21, 2016

Kingdom Hearts 2.8: E3 Recap

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 was one of the highlights of my E3 experience and the demo I played did not disappoint. Kingdom Hearts has been my favorite game since I was a young boy playing Kingdom Hearts 1 on the PS2 and with the epic conclusion to Sora’s tale fast approaching it was nice to see something new to hold over the Kingdom Hearts community while we wait for Kingdom Hearts 3. The demo was great, and the game promises to fill in some gaps in the story, but there are also issues with Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and the Kingdom Hearts series as a whole that must be addressed. The demo I played was from Kingdom Hearts 0.2: A Fragmentary Passge. The gameplay felt fresh, Aqua’s playstyle was portrayed well from the playstation portable to the playstation 4, and while it is a new game it feels similar to the beloved controls from Kingdom Hearts 2. This is the last piece of the puzzle before Kingdom Hearts 3; however, at this point it feels like we are being strung along rather than led down the path to the epic conclusion we have all been waiting for. Square Enix has put over a decade of work into making the Kingdom Hearts franchise as close to perfect as they can, and in most cases they have succeeded; however, the lack of information available for Kingdom Hearts 3 made playing the demo of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 feel like a distraction rather than a focal point. It was strange not seeing Kingdom Hearts 3 displayed on the E3 floor, considering last year Square spent a good deal of time talking about the game. Returning to Kingdom Hearts 2.8, I was not disappointed with the improvements made both on the technical and gameplay sides of the experience. Square Enix has overhauled the graphics of Kingdom Hearts. The entire demo looked elegant, with vibrant colors, fluid movement/combat, and engrossing soundtrack coming together to make the presentation of Kingdom Hearts 0.2: A Fragmentary Passage the best we have seen to date. While the game is new, it feels refreshing, and like the work that ahs been put into updating the Kingdom Hearts console engine was worth it. This game is one to look forward to, and while we are still mostly in the dark regarding Kingdom Hearts 3, 2.8 promises to bring us closer to the epic conclusion we have all been waiting for. This is the beginning of the end for Sora’s tale, and from what Square Enix displayed at E3 this will be an epic conclusion indeed.

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