Episode 9: The Retro Cast

December 10, 2014 MixMasterKFuzz No comments exist
Take a trip with Gaming at a Glance down Nostalgia Lane and revisit some of the famous games of the past. Video games have helped the guys through so much, and they now want to share them with you. ¬†From the SNES to the original PlayStation, Kaleb, Scott, and Kenneth go over some of their favorite classic titles. They share what they loved about the games of their childhood, and what made them stand above the rest. They each pick three games that they loved from back in the day, and all collaborate on each, reminiscing about their memories. So if you share interest in old school games, this is your episode. Some of the games we talk about are: Spyro the Dragon Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Contra Mike Tyson’s Punch Out Super Return of the Jedi Final Fantasy 8 and much more!  

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