Episode 8: The GAAG Reflex

December 4, 2014 MixMasterKFuzz No comments exist
Battlefield: Hardline, Evolve, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Dead Island 2, and Dying Light are all games that are in production at this time. Have you ever wondered what Evolve was about? Maybe if Dead Island 2 is going to be just like the first one? Or maybe you are asking yourself, “Hey me, is there going to be any cool new features with Battlefield: Hardline Vs. Battlefield 4?” Well those questions are all about to be answered in this weeks edition of The GAAG Reflex! The GAAG Reflex is a new segment we will be doing that takes new and upcoming developments in the gaming industry, and we take a first glance, then give the Red Light (Stay away) or Green Light (Pick it up). Also in this episode Joe “The Bear” Goins faces off against Ryan London to finally decide what the greatest World Of Warcraft expansion is. Do you prefer Mists of Pandaria over Wrath of the Litch King? Or maybe you think Burning Crusade DESTROYS Warlords of Draenor. Secretly we all know World of Warcraft Vanilla is the best. Stay tuned to hear what we think about all of the games listed, and remember if you disagree or agree with any of our nonsense feel free to respond to us in the contact us section at the bottom of the page! Feel free to follow us on Facebook  Twitter and Rate/Review/Subscribe us on itunes

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