Episode 7: Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor at a glance.

December 1, 2014 MixMasterKFuzz No comments exist

In this episode we discuss what games our producer Scott has been playing lately, and also get to hear a quick review on each one. (So if you are interested in WWE 2K15 or Madden 15, stay tuned to listen to Scott’s pointless blabbering.) Since Kaleb just finished Shadows of Mordor, he gives us an overview of this title in, Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor at a glance. Make sure you’re ready to listen to three morons speak nonsense and insults at each other for a half hour, because this is 30 minutes of good gaming discussion.

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We will be back THURSDAY with Episode 8, where we debut the “GAAG” reflex!  Stay tuned!

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