Episode 51: FIREWATCH, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, and a Lesson in MMORPG Teminology

March 27, 2017 MixMasterKFuzz No comments exist
In this episode Kaleb and Ryan talk about MMORPG Terminology, since it can be pretty daunting to try to learn all of it. Ryan is our MMO expert, and he goes over the games he’s been playing of late and his experiences. He Discusses switched from his long time love of World of Warcraft, to Final Fantasy XIV, and then he discusses Overwatch and how he has been enjoying it. If anyone wants to play with him, his username on all accounts from Battlenet to Steam is, Kalthion. If you add him, just message him to say you’re  a fan of GaaG and he will accept right away! Kaleb then gets down to the meat of the episode by going over some game reviews of recent titles he’s completed. He Reviews FIREWATCH, in its entirety, and then reviews Kingdom Hearts 2.8: Final Chapters Prologue. Both of which were great experiences. Pick up FIREWATCH currently on the PSN Play Collective for 2 titles for $20!   As always, Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and Subscribe to the Podcast, Youtube Channel, and Twitch Channel!

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