Episode 20: Superfight!

July 12, 2015 MixMasterKFuzz No comments exist

Your host, Kaleb, and his guest hosts Kenneth (Moose) and RickyReady come to you with a podcast that is a bit of a change from the typical Gaming at a Glance hilarity. Instead of talking about video games they review and give you a run down of a new board game called Superfight! They show you how the game Superfight!  is played and how funny the game can get. Be warned, Superfight!, Can end your friendships.

This game is a game of hilarious arguments about who could beat who in a fight, and with what powers. You could get Hermione with a lightsaber who really has to pee, versus, A T-Rex on a pogo stick that cant stop dancing. This game, all in all, is tons of fun. The gang also talks about Fallout 3, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy X, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Give it a listen, and you wont regret it.

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