Episode 12: The Austin Cast

December 31, 2014 MixMasterKFuzz 2 comments
(Note: The boys spend some time discussing the shutdown of PSN and Xbox Live post-Christmas, which at the time of recording was still going on. We know that PSN is back up, folks. – Scott)’ With as many guest stars as we have on the show, we introduce a new face to Gaming at a Glance. A dear friend of ours, Austin Bearden, jumps in on this cast to talk with us about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, multiple sport titles, and girlfriends version 3.0. Austin is like Scott in the sense of being more of a casual gamer, and plays games at more of a relaxed pace. This southern gentleman will crack you up, and also give his opinion on the hot new game Advanced Warfare. From most, we have heard that Advanced Warfare is a good change of pace for the Call of Duty franchise, but Mr. Bearden takes us down memory lane with the older Call of Duty games, and helps compare to the newest title. If you are yet to pick up the title, and are a fan of Modern Warfare, World at War, or Black Ops, you should give this podcast a listen to help make up your mind.

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