6: Destiny at a Glance Part Deux

November 27, 2014 Scott Eiland No comments exist
037118ac655e43b5c6d1bb074ec0c90a-destiny-the-official-dorkly-review (1) Joe and Kenneth answer some viewer mail about Destiny.  This blog post would have more information if Kaleb wrote it, but Scott wrote it because Kaleb is a slacky sleepy poopoo face who promised the rest of us that this blog post would be written in time for a Wednesday night release.  It’s Thursday.  Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!  I would say that I was thankful for Kaleb except this blog post is 24 hours late.   Hi everybody, this is Kaleb.  I admit that I like to wear dresses sometimes.  Also, Lance Bass is my favorite Back Street Boy.  Enjoy this conversation between Joe, who is a better gamer than me, and Kenneth, who is also a better gamer than me.  Those two strapping lads dissect listener mail about Destiny, and it’s enough to get me interested in picking up a copy.  While I’m here, I’d like to thank my favorite producer Scott Eiland who is superior to me in every measurable way.   His awesomeness level is off the charts, and one day I hope to approach his level of coolness.  History books will be written about the wide disparity between my cohosts and myself.  I suck. Please follow us on twitter and like us on Facebook.  I promise that the YouTube page will be active as soon as I stop being a complete lameass. Editors’ Note: We love you, Kaleb.

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