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Gaming at a Glance will give you all the news and reviews on the newest video games, and also tons of good gaming discussion on all types of games and the gaming industry.


The Gaming at a Glance Podcast is where it all started. Listen to Kaleb, the host, and his rotating co-hosts Scott, Kenneth, Joe, Chris, and Miranda as they discuss gaming news, reviews, and different experiences they’ve had with games new and old.


The GaaG youtube channel houses the famous “At a Glance” vidoes, as well as more of our game reviews, live streams, funny videos, and much more!


Our Twitch Channel is where all of our gameplay is broadcasted live, for your viewing pleasure. The team rotates on who streams on which night, so check out the Channel and give us a follow to stay in the loop!


The blog is layed-out similarly to the podcast, focusing mainly on Reviews and Discussion questions. If you are wanting a quick read for a game review, check out the blog.

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